Versilian Studios LLC. is a small company devoted to creating unique, well-constructed, and affordable sample libraries for composers. Our product line is centered around orchestral instruments, but we sometimes branch out and include ethnic, rare, and just plain weird instruments. We pride ourselves in our prompt and personal customer service, highly playable instruments, and having a bit of fun along the way.


VS originally began producing virtual instruments in 2013, offering a unique Fretless Zither instrument. Since then, it has grown to work with a network of independent composers, performers, artists, designers, and scripters to create quality virtual instruments for the modern composer, currently encompassing more than 20 unique orchestral and world products.


The Prime Directive of Versilian Studios is, "uncompromising authenticity; addicting playability." We strive to create instruments that are naturally inspirational and unique, while remaining a strong respect for the proper techniques and heritage of the instrument. There is nothing better to hear from a tester than, "I just couldn't stop playing it."

Versilian Studios has been producing virtual instruments since 2013. That's like, 40 years in Internet time, right?!?



SAM GOSSNER, founder

Sam had a problem. He wanted to keep his friend's fretless zither but also not have to buy it from him. So, he looked at all the multi-gigabyte orchestral libraries on his computer, said, "Gee, it can't be THAT hard!" and proceeded to make his first sample library. He currently spends all of his time thinking about how the about page looks. Perhaps if he gets back to work, he will finish the about page and get back to those support e-mails.


Simon accidentally agreed to port a substantial orchestral library to Kontakt and completed it in under a year. Now he's agreed to make more of them and we don't think we can let him go back to composing music just yet. He also designed this totally awesome website. Rock on, Simon.



SAM HEBERT, consultant

Sam knows things. He creates really cool Jazz music and has some mics he lets the previous Sam borrow from time to time. He also plays trumpet and various percussion instruments. He's the guy who performed on the Dan Tranh and a number of other instruments, and helps Sam figure out when his business ideas are rubbish. He also knows where to find cuica, apparently.


Alejandro cuts samples like some people eat potato chips (well, without the weight gain). Always ready to say "okokok" to any project, he secretly moonlights as a crazy good guitarist and has a weird fascination with thumb pianos (probably because we keep sending him them to cut). He also ruins the perfect symmetry of S-names.



SIMON DALZELL, consultant & scripter

Simon does some programming, when he isn't busy being a choir geek or writing extraordinarily detailed orchestral covers of songs featured in memes. Known for his work as a sample library developer in his own right at Ivy Audio, as well as in contract with other developers, he's a good guy to have around... once we figure out what Eastern European country we accidentally left him in again...

EU/UK customers: our products are also on KontaktHub and BestService!