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The Versilian Community Sample Library is an open CC0 general-purpose sample library created by Versilian Studios LLC for the purpose of introducing a set of quality, publicly available samples suitable for use in software and media of all kinds. This library is intended to be a broader expansion to the VSCO 2 CE sample set.


This collection is under a Creative Commons 0 license. Essentially it's Public Domain- you can do whatever you want with these sounds (even make commercial software), no royalties, no credit, no special terms.


Creative Commons 0 License


Over 4,000 Samples (?)


5 GB size to date

(and more coming in the future!)


SFZ version only available


Well, go on, make some and send them to us! ;)



During the course of making commercial sample libraries, test sample sets, canceled projects, and other content is generated which is destined to never see the light of day for a variety of reasons. We created VCSL so we could share all of these projects with you, as well as light versions of our commercial products.


VCSL is an ongoing project, and we rely on the support of our customers to finance development for it and other freeware projects. If you like what you see (and hear) here, consider purchasing one of our commercial products.

GUI (experimental, non-yet-released Kontakt version!)

INSTRUMENTS (as of 1/24/2019)


  • Edge-Blown - Ball Whistle
  • Edge-Blown - Baroque SATB Recorders
  • Edge-Blown - Ocarina, Small
  • Edge-Blown - Ocarina, Typical
  • Edge-Blown - Pipe Organ
  • Edge-Blown - Renaissance Organ
  • Edge-Blown - Train Whistle, Toy


  • Free - Harmonica, Special 20 C
  • Free - Harmonica, Special 20 F
  • Free - Harmonica, Super 64
  • Free - Siren


  • Lip - Didgeridoo


  • Reed - Saxello
  • Reed - Tenor Saxophone



  • Composite - Concert Harp
  • Composite - Folk Harp
  • Composite - Strumstick


  • Zithers - Dan Tranh
  • Zithers - Grand Piano, Kawai - Legacy
  • Zithers - Grand Piano, Kawai
  • Zithers - Grand Piano, Steinway B
  • Zithers - Harpsichord, English
  • Zithers - Harpsichord, Flemish
  • Zithers - Harpsichord, French
  • Zithers - Harpsichord, Italian
  • Zithers - Harpsichord, Unknown
  • Zithers - Psaltery (bowed & plucked)
  • Zithers - Upright Piano, Knight
  • Zithers - Upright Piano, Yamaha



  • Friction - Wine Glasses


  • Plucked - Kalimba, Kenya
  • Plucked - Kalimba, Tanzania
  • Plucked - Mbira Mavembe, Low G
  • Plucked - Mbira dzaVadzimu Nya., B
  • Plucked - Nyunga Nyunga, Low F


  • Struck - Agogo Bells
  • Struck - Anvil
  • Struck - Balafon
  • Struck - Bell Tree (2)
  • Struck - Brake Drum
  • Struck - Cabasa
  • Struck - Cajon
  • Struck - Claps
  • Struck - Clash Cymbals (2)
  • Struck - Claves (2)
  • Struck - Cowbells (2)
  • Struck - Finger Cymbals
  • Struck - Flexatone
  • Struck - Glockenspiel
  • Struck - Gong (2)
  • Struck - Guiro
  • Struck - Hand Bells, Nepalese (3)
  • Struck - Hand Chimes
  • Struck - Hi-Hat
  • Struck - Marimba
  • Struck - Mark Tree (2)
  • Struck - Ratchet
  • Struck - Shaker (3)
  • Struck - Slapstick
  • Struck - Sleigh Bells (2)
  • Struck - Tambourines (5)
  • Struck - Triangles (7)
  • Struck - Tubular Bells (3)
  • Struck - Tubular Glockenspiel
  • Struck - Vibraphone
  • Struck - Vibraslap
  • Struck - Woodblock
  • Struck - Xylophone



  • Other - Ocean Drum


  • Struck - Bass Drum (3)
  • Struck - Bongos (2)
  • Struck - Conga, Quinto, Tumba
  • Struck - Darbuka
  • Struck - Frame Drum (2)
  • Struck - Snare, Legacy (4)
  • Struck - Toms, Legacy (2)
  • Struck - Snare (3)
  • Struck - Rope Tension Snare
  • Struck - Timpani (2 sets)
  • Struck - Tom (2)



If you require support, contact us.


When will a VSTi/AU version be available?


We currently have no plans to release an official VSTi/AU version, due to the increasing obsolescence of Maize Sampler. The SFZ version currently available is very good and we encourage you to use that instead of some standalone VST at this time.


Bigcat released a handful of instruments in VSTi/AU format a few years ago, but has not returned to instrument making since then.


Ilir Bajri, creator of Orchestools One and Orchestools 306, has created a VSTi/AU version of the pianos from VCSL, as Orchestools Keys (bottom of page).


I'm having trouble downloading or using VCSL!


Please contact us as soon as possible for assistance. We provide the same level of support for VCSL as with our commercial libraries.


For download issues, we can manually provide you with a Pulse Downloader code, allowing you to redeem the library in Pulse Downloader. This is much, much more reliable and usually faster than direct downloads from Dropbox or Github. Just ask and we'll send you a code!


How about a Kontakt (.nki) version?


We developed an experimental full Kontakt version as a special gift for members of the TrackSpark community a few years back. It has not been updated to include recent instruments added to VCSL, and we will probably go back and rebuild it with some added functionality.


It is likely we will release such a version as donationware due to the complexity and expense involved. VCSL will not be available for the free Kontakt Player.


Where can I find orchestral instruments?


Currently VSCO 2: CE is the place to go for orchestral sounds. VCSL will eventually include a brand new sample set of orchestral sounds, completely replacing VSCO 2: CE as a general-purpose sample soundset.


If you want something SFZ-based, check out the Virtual Playing Orchestra.

How do I use a SFZ file?



SFZ files are a form of 'Soundware', like Kontakt .nki files or soundfonts (.sf2). They require that you install a sampler, either Sforzando or Sfizz, to use (both are free).


Once you install one of those, open it as a plugin (or as a standalone app if you don't want to route through your DAW!), then drag and drop a .sfz file into it. That's all there is to it!


The advantage is, if any one sampler software becomes obsolete or buggy, there are always others which can be used instead. Also, SFZ is an open format; you can freely edit the .sfz files in any text editor without much experience needed.


You can also load all kinds of other free SFZ instruments too!

EU/UK customers: our products are also on KontaktHub and BestService!